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The Cont with Balls

Want something to, as Reggie says, “Raise the vibe?” in the world? Where will YOU be on May 1-2, 2020? In your living room, in your comfy pants, eating #IceCream, drinking #DosEquis,and watching your FAVORITE horror movies WITH your FAVORITE horror celebrities, that’s where!

Proceeds Benefitting #CrestlineCreativeArtsFoundation raising funds for PPE

[#PersonalProtectionEquipment] for #FirstResponders and #Veterinarians during the #CoVid19 Crises!


  • LIVE Main Stage featuring Q&As and interviews (some conducted by the host of Terror TV’s Terror Talk with Jay Michaels) with celebrity guests and fans.
  • An Exhibit Hall where visitors can click-thru to popular online stores and sites for memorabilia and other collectibles.
  • Film Room filled with interactive watch parties where fans can hang with celebrities in real time during scheduled screenings on Friday and Saturday night!

  • Celebrity Autograph “Tables” and CHAT ROOMS where autographed celebrity photos and posters will be available through various online stores or to a designated stores and sites.
  • ART room for Phan AND Pro work for display or sale.
  • PLUS Contest, Prizes, Giveaways, SWAG and more.
  • What’s a convention without a Food Court? Links to DELIVERY food and drinks sponsors!

Phantasm broke new ground with its visually stunning imagery, visionary plot and themes, broken racial barriers, glass ceilings and FLYING BALLS. This new world reality needs a new “surreality!”

Phan-Con© 2020 is the “CON with BALLS!” BoooooyyyyS… AND Girls!!

special guests
Dacre Stoker
Gigi Edgley
Andrew Divoff
Sammy Phillips
Anthony C. Ferrante
Paul Bunnell
Dawn Cody
Gloria Henry Phantasm 3
Terrie Kalbus
Jay Michaels
Joe Moe
Lynne Lugosi
Melanie Ann Kay turner
Gary Morgenstein
Terry Alexander
Owl Goingback author
Marcus Slabine
Daniel Schweiger

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